Character - Integrity - L.O.V.E.

"Leave Others Vibrantly Empowered"


Basic Training is the process that transforms individual youths into qualified Cadets. Here, youths are introduced to personal character and emotional challenges that they must overcome in order to earn the title of "Cadet." This one hundred thirty (130) hours of intensity and structure gives recruit trainees all of the triumph they ever dreamed of as a youth. Training also instills a sense of pride and personal accomplishment that forms a basis for a new found confidence and self-worth. Those who succeed will feel better prepared to accept and overcome some of life's challenges that face youths today, and will face them better tomorrow as adults.


The SBYM training program is equal parts agility, discipline, and character. As character is nurtured, youths become leaders capable of making right decisions under peer pressure. They are encouraged to give every situation their personal best, and they learn to overcome obstacles by leading change instead of fighting change. This level of skill is acknowledged when the military-style Basic Training, affectionately referred to as "Boot Camp" is complete, and is understood by everyone who wears the uniform proudly.


Q: Is youth training held during school days?
A: Training is primarily conducted on weekends, however, longer out-of-town trips are scheduled during school breaks and/or

Q: What if my youth has never spent the night away from home?
A: The regimented activities distract youths and they quickly learn to trust our volunteer staff and Program.

Q: What if my youth has low grades in school?
A: Low grades do not prevent enrollment, however, school grades become a factor when assigning leadership positions or for
    promoting to a higher rank.

Q: Do boys and girls train together?
A: Yes. However, each Platoon is assigned an adult male and female, and youths are separated during overnighters and
    other personal time periods.

Q: What if my youth is involved in sports?
A: Training is just as mandatory as sports and youths/parents should consider their priorities.

Q: Is this a military program?
A: No. SBYM encourages higher education first, however, instructors are military experienced, military training techniques are
    used, and our cadets wear uniforms.

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