Character - Integrity - L.O.V.E.

"Leave Others Vibrantly Empowered"


To instill in youths a foundation of good character, integrity, mental discipline, and love for others that achieves a healthy balance between thought and action. To enhance the quality of life of America's youth by providing quality development activities that train, nurture and develops individuals to become healthier, stronger, and more intelligent leaders within our communities.


1. To leave others vibrantly empowered in Judeo-Christian values, life skills that generate good will, and that improve the quality of

2. To create and maintain a positive mentoring atmosphere for youths within the Los Angeles County area from ages nine through
    eighteen in family values and traditions.

3. To cultivate a personal value system in youths that provides for a less stressful home atmosphere.

4. To reinforce the practice of personal values instilled at home during the youth's early years.

5. To stimulate an interest in,  and respect for,  higher academic achievement, and the history and traditions of the United States of

6. To encourage youths to resist the use of illegal substances and to avoid the many pitfalls while promoting physical, mental, spiritual
    and social enhancement in their development.

7. To promote America's forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage.  


1. Render obedience to my parents, authority, and all others in charge of me.

2. Earn others' trust and confidence by my fidelity and abilities.

3. Keep my mind pure and clean by attending the church of my faith.

4. Carefully and diligently discharge the duties which I am appointed.

5. Practice self-discipline by staying neat, healthy, and exercising self-control.

6. Give the same level of respect to my subordinates that I give to superiors.

7. Give every situation my personal best.


1. We resolve to leave others vibrantly empowered.

2. The health, safety, and welfare of youths is paramount.

3. We value our youth's futures and will empower them to succeed.

4. We will uphold the core values of Character, Integrity, and Love.

5. We pledge to the parents to serve as positive mentors to their children.

6. We will never forget to value others first.

7. We grow by teaching.

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