Character - Integrity - L.O.V.E.

Character - Integrity - L.O.V.E.


The South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc. strengthens the foundation of good character, mental, physical, spiritual, ethical, and moral discipline, and helps youths to achieve a healthy balance between thought and action. If you are looking for a program that you can believe in and also belong to that will hold you accountable instead of coddling you, as well as a program that builds young men and women of good character and that are empowered to achieve success, then SBYM is the program for you.

SBYM refines youth character to seek good will by means of life skills taught. It cultivates youth character using proven USMC leadership training techniques. "South Bay" is the primary area served within Los Angeles County, and "Youth Mentors" is the title shared by both youth and adults. As adults mentor youths to achieve higher levels of excellence within life skills learned, youths are also groomed to become more knowledgeable mentors to their peers in school, church, home, and community. This winning combination enhances the Mentor and Mentee relationship, and raises the respect level from youth to adult. SBYM understands that "YOU CANNOT TEACH CHARACTER, BUT YOU CAN BRING IT OUT"

South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc. is a non-profit youth leadership educational organization recognized under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible.


Mothers and fathers are doing all in their power to build their youths into young men and women of good character. They're working hard, but the popular culture of today often works against them. Youths are being bombarded with everything from bullying, gangs, drugs, sex, crime, to inappropriate behavior, and parents are really struggling. With parents having a busy schedule in order to make ends meet, SBYM has elected to team up with them and assist in their mentoring efforts.

SBYM has standards and we hold youths accountable. We turn pampered, frightened, or reckless youths into self-assured, responsible, effective young adult leaders.

SBYM also emphasizes to parents that while they need to talk with their children about values, their words will be meaningless unless they live by them as well. Training starts at home, and SBYM follows up with insisting that youth always exercise integrity, healthy values, choose the difficult right over the easy wrong, not whine or make excuses, and to remember that real wealth is their character.

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