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The South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc. strengthens the foundation of good character, mental, physical, spiritual, ethical, and moral discipline, and helps youths to achieve a healthy balance between thought and action. If you're looking for a program that you can believe in and also belong to that will hold you accountable instead of coddling you, as well as a program that builds young men and women of good character and that are empowered to achieve success, then SBYM is the program for you.

SBYM refines youth character to seek good will by means of life skills taught. It cultivates youth character using proven USMC leadership training techniques. "South Bay" is the primary area served within Los Angeles County, and "Youth Mentors" is the title shared by both youths and adults. As adults mentor youths to achieve higher levels of excellence within life skills learned, youths are also groomed to become more knowledgeable mentors to their peers in school, church, home, and community. This winning combination enhances the Mentor and Mentee relationship, and raises the respect level from youth to adult. SBYM understands that...
South Bay Youth Mentors, Inc. is a non-profit youth educational organization recognized under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible.


Mothers and fathers are doing all in their power to build their youths into young men and women of character. They're working hard, but the popular culture of today often works against them. Youths are bombarded with everything from bullying, drugs, gangs, sex, crime, to inappropriate behavior, and parents are really struggling. Since parents have a busy schedule in order to make ends meet, SBYM has elected to team up with them to assist in their efforts.
SBYM has standards and we hold youths accountable. We turn pampered, frightened, or reckless youths into self-assured, responsible, effective young adult leaders.
SBYM also emphasizes to parents that while they need to talk to their children about values, their words will be meaningless unless they live them as well. Training starts at home, and SBYM follows up with insisting that youths always exercise integrity, healthy values, choose the difficult right over the easy wrong, not whine or make excuses, and to remember that real wealth is their character.

TRAINING SUBJECTS (Partial list only)

 American Heritage        Code of Conduct               Flag Etiquette                        Self-worth
 Bravery                          Critical Thinking              Leadership Principles            Spiritual Foundation
 Bullying                         Decision-making              Peer Pressure                         Teamwork
 Camping                        Drug Awareness               Personal Finances                  Teen Relationships
 Character Traits             Event Planning                 Public Speaking                     Wilderness Survival
 Close Order Drill           First Aid                           Self-Confidence                     Youth And The Law


To instill in youths a foundation of good character, integrity, mental discipline, and love for others that achieves a healthy balance between thought and action. To enhance the quality of life of America's youth by providing quality development activities that train, nurture and develops individuals to become healthier, stronger, and more intelligent leaders within our communities.


1. To leave others vibrantly empowered in Judeo-Christian values, and life skills that generate good
    will and improve the quality of life.
2. To create and maintain a positive mentoring atmosphere for youths within the Los Angeles County 
    area from ages nine through eighteen in family values and traditions.
3. To cultivate a personal value system in youths that provides for a less stressful home atmosphere.
4. To reinforce the practice of personal values instilled at home during the youth's early years.
5. To stimulate an interest in,  and respect for,  higher academic achievement, and the history and
    traditions of the United States of America.
6. To encourage youths to resist and prevent the use of illegal substances.
7. To encourage youths to avoid the many pitfalls while promoting physical, mental, and social
    enhancement in their development.


Leave Others Vibrantly Empowered  


1. Render obedience to my parents, authority, and all others in charge of me.
2. Earn others' trust and confidence by my fidelity and abilities.
3. Keep my mind pure and clean by attending the church of my faith.
4. Carefully and diligently discharge the duties which I am appointed.
5. Practice self-discipline by staying neat, healthy, and exercising self-control.
6. Give the same level of respect to my subordinates that I give to superiors.
7. Give every situation my personal best.


1. We resolve to leave others vibrantly empowered.
2. The health, safety, and welfare of youths is paramount.
3. We value our youth's futures and will empower them to succeed.
4. We will uphold the core values of Character, Integrity, and Love.
5. We pledge to the parents to serve as positive mentors to their children.
6. We will never forget to value others first.
7. We grow by teaching.

SBYM generates good will and encourages positive interaction among youths and adults. Youths gain an appreciation and respect for academic institutions and higher learning as citizenship, school, home activities, and community service are evaluated and become important factors when rewarding their progress. This process helps to encourage youth discipline, individual and as a team, when away from the Program. Good discipline habits remain part of the individual youth's character and are carried into adulthood. With their self-worth and self-confidence reaching new heights, youths learn to apply new confidence-building techniques to given situations and live healthier, happier, longer, and safer lives.


Military members who regard their experiences in the U.S. Armed Forces the most valuable of their lives, volunteer as mentor instructors and become better equipped themselves. In today’s society the volunteer spirit has waned and people expect our government to solve too many of their personal issues while they rest idle. Military volunteers immediately learn that they make a significant difference in their community, and working with our youths makes them better parents too because they learn how important it is to take an active role in their own children’s lives.


Numerous life skills subjects are taught to youths through various workshops, classroom and practical, as exemplified by the United States Military. With over two hundred and forty years of experience, military-style training techniques are quite effective. Youths learn that instant obedience to orders and responding on command are helpful ingredients to achieving personal and team discipline. Youths that attain the desired level of expertise and confidence are empowered to give life skills instruction to their peers, as well as other youths within their communities. Youths are also taught to share their learned skills with peers by leading training sessions.


This is the process that transforms individual youths into qualified Cadets. Here, youths are introduced to the personal character and emotional challenges that they must overcome to earn the title “Cadet Mentor.” The one hundred thirty (130) hours of intensity and structure gives recruits all of the triumph they ever dreamed of as a youth. Training instills a sense of pride and personal accomplishment that forms a basis for a new found confidence and self-worth. Those who succeed will feel better prepared to accept and overcome some of life’s challenges that face youths today, and will face them better tomorrow as adults.


The SBYM training program is equal parts agility, discipline and character. As youth characters are nurtured, youths become leaders capable of making right decisions under peer pressure. Youths are encouraged to give every situation their personal best, and they learn to overcome obstacles by leading change instead of fighting change. This level of skill is acknowledged when the  military-style Basic Training, referred to as "Boot Camp", is complete, and is understood by everyone who wears the uniform proudly.


Youth training does not only focus on newly established techniques; it re-enforces and brings to the surface the values that parents have already instilled during the youth’s early years. A youth embracing their family values provides for a less stressful home atmosphere. Parent participation is encouraged and parents quickly experience that their involvement provides for a sense of confidence and power that is essential to increasing their children’s self-worth. The common interest shared by parents and youths increases the relationship and helps to preserve their bond.


Corporate, small business, community organizations, and private contributions to assist with providing educational training, equipment, uniforms, and rewarding trips are always welcomed and needed. Monetary contributions, regardless of the amount, help to offset trip costs and related program expenses. Scholarship donations for economically disadvantaged families of youths are also encouraged. In-kind and building repair and maintenance services that assist to  maintain our training facility are also accepted. SBYM Inc. is a non-profit youth educational organization recognized by Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible.


Active Duty, Reserve, and former military personnel can apply the techniques that they learned in the military not only to civilian life, but also to the nurturing of youths. The experience and skills these men and women have learned are at a premium, and are usually what distinguishes them from the average citizen. Members from all military services are welcome to volunteer as instructor mentors, and if not on active duty, a military discharge in good standing is required. Civilian volunteers that contribute their time by giving talks or presentations to our youths also serve as positive role models. They introduce youths to present business practices, career options, and various work environments. The information and knowledge passed on to youths at this early stage in their lives inspires a career-minded mentality that helps them to focus on career goals. Youths become motivated to prioritize college and career selections, and become better prepared for the workforce.


Enrollment meetings are conducted in January and early February of each year. To be placed on our waiting list please email us your name, address and telephone number. We will contact you in late September or early October to introduce our November "FRIEND DAY EXPERIENCE". This is a FREE training day (includes lunch) for community youths who desire to become familiar with SBYM prior to seeking enrollment. We will also contact you in December of the following year's enrollment meeting dates and time.


Message line:


Q.  Who can join and what is the age limit?
A.  Boys & girls ages 9-1/2 through 18 (9 years of age if 10th birthday is before June 1st, and 18
     years if in 11th grade).

Q.  What is the cost to register my youth?
A.   The cost is calculated annually as uniforms and related gear costs vary from year to year.

Q.  If I enroll more than one youth can I receive a discount?
A.  Enrollment is the same for all youths because they receive their individual uniforms.

Q.  Is youth training held during school days?
A.  Training is primarily conducted on weekends however, longer out-of-town trips are scheduled
     during school breaks and/or holidays.

Q.  What if my youth has never spent the night away from home?
A.  The regimented activities distract youths and they quickly learn to trust our volunteer staff
     and program.

Q.  What if my youth has low grades in school?
A.  Low grades do not prevent enrollment, however, grades will become a factor when assigning
     leadership positions or for promotions to a higher rank.

Q.  Do boys and girls train together?
A.  Yes. However, each Platoon is assigned an adult male and female, and youths are separated
     during overnighters and other personal time periods.

Q.  What if my youth is involved in sports?
A.  Training is just as mandatory as sports and youths/parents should consider their priorities.

Q.  Is this a military program?
A.  No. SBYM encourages higher education first, however, instructors are military experienced,
     military training techniques are used, and our cadets wear uniforms.

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